• Acupuncture Services

    Acupuncture Services

    Acupuncture uses hair-thin needles inserted into specific points on the skin to balance the body's energy flow. Learn how acupuncture, the oldest continuously practiced medical system in the world, can help you feel better ...

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  • Diet And Lifestyle

    Diet And Lifestyle

    What you eat and do every day can help you be healthy - or make you feel worse. No matter what symptoms you are experiencing, you can usually expect to feel better simply by making different choices regarding your foods and activities. Call us today so we can create a custom nutrition and lifestyle plan to help you feel your absolute best ...

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  • Herbs And Supplements

    Herbs And Supplements

    Herbs and supplements, when used as part of an overall wellness plan, can be very powerful tools to correct body imbalances.We believe when it comes to supplementation, "less is more", so let us help you determine what few, choice herbs and/or supplements would be of great benefit to your overall wellness plan ...

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  • Energy Medicine

    Energy Medicine

    Energy medicine encompasses a vast array of treatment options for balancing and harmonizing the body's subtle energy fields. While acupuncture is a form of energy medicine, at Crane And Lotus Medicinals we offer a unique selection of needle-free treatments as well - from Reiki to Gemstone Therapy to Essential Oils - to help you feel better ... naturally!

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Welcome To Crane And Lotus Medicinals

No matter where you live or what life challenge you may be facing, I believe I can help you feel better … naturally. With more than a dozen years’ experience in a multitude of healing modalities, I have many tools available to create a plan that not only will address your specific needs and concerns – but is easy to follow and fits your temperament and lifestyle as well. I am using  5 htp supplements.

Even more important than all this experience and skill, though, is my belief that all things are possible. That you can not only heal, but open yourself to embrace what perfect health means to you. Disease is basically a western medicine concept. The way practitioners look at the body in Chinese medicine, there is no disease – only disruptions and disharmonies in energy movement. Which means I essentially treat your energy system so it is flowing optimally, and from there true health emerges.

Crane And Lotus Medicinals offers holistic health consultations, breathwork and nutritional/herbal counseling as well as treatments in acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, crystal and gemstone therapy, chakra balancing, sound healing, aromatherapy and other forms of energy medicine. (Please see the “Consultations” and “Services” pages for more information about what is offered.)

If you live in the Athens area, I’d welcome the opportunity to work with you and your family in person. But if you don’t live locally, I am readily accessible and available to help you through phone consultations. Please call 706-338-6843 if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. I’d like to show you first-hand the Crane And Lotus Medicinals healing philosophy … that I am absolutely committed to each person feeling better after a session than before.  Here at Crane And Lotus Medicinals, I look forward to helping you with all of your holistic healthcare needs.

Crane And Lotus Medicinals
834 Prince Avenue AthensGA30606 USA 
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